4 Benefits of Mobile App Push Notifications


After downloading an app and launching it, you’re immediately asked if you’d like to turn on “push notifications,” but what are push notifications, and why do most apps utilize them? Push notifications are messages sent through your phone’s operating system, not through SMS like texts are. They often offer specials like 10% off your next purchase or remind you that you forgot to finish your last game of Solitaire. If you receive push notifications from a business, this means you’ve downloaded the app and you’re guaranteed to benefit from receiving instant updates.

These notifications tend to be confused with text messages, and while they are similar, push notifications offer something texts do not. For one, push notifications are more affordable. Text messages are more expensive to use on a large scale, and they aren’t as quick. Push notifications are also less intrusive than texts because they can be received without disturbing what the smartphone user is doing, unlike the actions required to check a text.

Push notifications provide a quick way to update customers and they can increase traffic, regardless if the app is open. Check out 4 of the main benefits that push notifications provide:



One large benefit of using push notifications is the instant engagement that hey bring. Many smartphone users download apps and eventually forget about them, but with push notifications, users are constantly reminded that your app is still there. They can click on the notification and be taken directly to the app. This can helpful when the notification is timely, describing a reward or special that you are having.

As users click on a push notification, data is instantly produced and stored, giving your company direct insight into your customers.

Insight into Customer Behavior

When you develop an app for your company, you’re provided the chance to broaden the reach of your customers, and the use push notifications can help you learn more about your customers. This includes when they are most active on their phones, their motivation for using the app, features that could make the app better, etc. This insight fives you the chance to improve your strategy, making yourself more attractive to customers.

  • Where should you place ads?
  • Who should you target those ads to?
  • What devices are they on?

These questions can be answered through the employment of push notifications. You now have a direct line into a customer’s interaction with their phone, something they are likely to check often and never be without.


The continued evolution of smartphones has given us the ability to personalize almost everything about our phones. We can change backgrounds, colors, functions and more. This is common in most types of devices, and as we see this increase in ability to change settings to our preference, we look for this option in other technology. We purchase certain devices and apps over others because of this characteristic.

Push notifications are no different. Users can change the frequency and format of them, therefore making them more appealing. As an app owner, you do not have to feel intrusive when utilizing push notifications, because app users have the ability to turn them off. However, many users end up keeping push notifications turned on to be reminded of rewards, new products, etc.

According to, brands that gave the user the option to tailor-fit their notifications increased their open rates to 800%!


The most obvious benefit of push notifications is how easy they are to use. Customers can quickly press the notification and be taken directly to your app. This doesn’t require the extra step of going through emails or checking a multitude of accounts that many are likely to forget the password to. Push notifications are easy to integrate into the development of your app, and they are cheaper than other instant messaging techniques, like through text message based notifications. Customers who download your app are likely looking for the easiest and quickest way to access your business. Push notifications are a clear way to let them know you understand them and that your business will continue to find new ways to offer customers the best experience.

Convinced your brand would benefit from push notifications? Give your customers the opportunity and ease of accessing your business with the press of a button. Reach out to us to get started on step one: your own app!

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