5 Things To Do before you have your app developed.


It can be a daunting task figuring out how to bring your brilliant app idea to the market.  Here we have compiled a list of the top 5 task you should undertake before bringing your app to life.

1. Have an NDA drafted.

In my experience dealing with customer ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to small business owners, you would be surprised how many do not have an NDA prepared previously.  Non Disclosure Agreements will protect your idea from all parties you need to disclose intimate details of your business to.  You can protect your proprietary idea by limiting the other parties ability to even communicate with similar companies.

2. Draw the Wireframe.

If you want to simplify conveying your idea to coders or strangers; the best way is to simply draw each app slide with arrows connecting the respective button to the ensuing slide.  This method is very industry standard and even at the highest levels seems to be the most effective method of conveying an app idea.


3. Create an MVP.

Minimum Viable Product for an app is basically just all of the slides connecting with various segues, to showcase the app visually. There may or may not be a log-in connected but an MVP will have no backend or any data processing.  With an MVP, a business owner can start gaining valuable feedback from users and investors alike.   It is extremely valuable to process this valuable information and to pivot accordingly.

4. Seek Investments.

With an MVP built, your startup has a chance to attract potential investors.  You will have more than just words and power-points to showcase your idea.  There are many app graveyards which are filled with potentially successful apps who have failed to achieve rounds of funding at critical junctures; only to succumb to poor financial management.  Don’t be this type of company by aggressively securing solid investments that can sustain the development and marketing futures.

5. Social Media.

Very few apps have the ability to  proliferate without ample marketing.  Pokèmon probably would have never had its rise without a sufficient marketing campaign.  Facebook, Linkedin, SnapChat, and Youtube are all massive hubs for bringing billions of downloads to apps.  This should be a no brainer as who can really keep up in this day and age without social media marketing?

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