8 Reasons Why Realtors Need Their Own App

It’s no secret buying, selling or renting a house can be a difficult and overwhelming process. Realtors are the perfect solution, taking the stress out of an already stressful undertaking without taking a dime.  Generally, realtors rely on word of mouth to attain clients.  With a growing population and a growing number of realtors, it’s becoming harder and harder for realtors to get ahead of their competition.  Florida has one of the top concentrations of realtors to population; 1 in every 175 residents is a realtor. A personalized app can be an effective solution to enhance brand recognition and trust, while showcasing forward thinking and understanding of the latest technologies.

Let’s take a look at some of the easiest and cost effective features a realtor or brokerage could utilize in their own app.

  • Property Listings: Put those files of listings to use and import them to your app for your clients’ viewing.
  • Contractor Referrals: Sometimes, buyers aren’t thrilled with every element of a house. Plumbers, roofers, and construction firms pay you for the advertising space to direct your clients to them for renovation services. This is formally known as an Ad Exchange. This additional revenue stream is beneficial for you, your clients, and those connections; your app becomes the one-stop-shop for the best local home listings and renovators.
  • Local Points of Interest: Show potential buyers why they would love the surrounding neighborhood of their new home. Pinpoint the local schools, restaurants and public spaces that bolster the community.
  • Events Calendar: Promote your own events like open houses and broker caravans, and even sponsor other community events.
  • Files: Be the source of information for your users’ reference, for example, including documentation on the escrow and closing processes.
  • Push Notifications: One of the most effective marketing tools within this mobile marketing solution, push notifications send direct messages to your users. Notify them instantly about new listings and off-market properties.
  • Integrate Web Pages: Direct your users to your favorite listing websites like and
  • Loyalty/ Referral Program: Incentivize users to take word of mouth referrals to the next level. With a loyalty program, users get rewarded for their referrals. For example, after making five referrals, users are entered in for a chance to win a gift card or other prize.



If these features sound like they could streamline your process as a busy, competitive realtor call Modernized Mobile for a consultation or If you have your own ideas for a real estate app, let’s make it a reality!