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Keeping your business information secure is important. So important that you might consider hiring a German Shepherd to maintain security. But before you decide on the shepherd, here are 9 things you should look for in a security software to keep your business safe.

Presented by Modernized Mobile’s German Shepherd puppies.

Bella focusing on the future

  1. Bella loves to cuddle and is great with cats and children, but she can detect a threat from miles away. When it comes to cyber security it is best to look for an app the can detect malware and virusesbecause these are the most common threats.

Oliver appreciates the love

2.  Oliver might be able to use his puppy eyes to keep away bad guys, but he won’t be able to get rid of false positives. When looking for a security app make sure you get one with a low false positive rate, otherwise you will be inundated with warning messages.

Luna gazing

3.  Luna loves play and will definitely be an athlete when she grows up but that’s not the kind of performance that will keep your software secure. When looking for a security app make sure the one you use will not affect the performance of your internet and computers, otherwise the business’s performance will be interrupted.

Jack yawning after a long day of napping

4.   Lil Bubb is the fastest of the bunch and is always trying to race his brothers and sisters. Speed is extremely important in security apps, be sure to find a software that is quick at identifying threats.

LaFlare found a home in Atlanta

5.  LaFlare can seem a little bit lost at times but he is sweetheart, we like to say he has his head in the clouds. Your security app should be cloud based to ensure 24/7 protection and high speeds.

6.  Bodhi likes to play a little bit rough, and at times can be aggressive. Your app detection needs to be the same. Make sure the software is aggressive and intelligent enough to catch all potential threats and decide whether they are harmful or not.

Big Bodhi has a confident mug.

Dex loves the ladies

7.  Dexter is the smartest of the bunch and is close to learning sit and stay, way before the rest of his siblings. Your software must be smart and dynamic— do not pay for software that is unable to catch all threats or hampers your internet/ computer speeds.

8.  Bear is laziest in the group, he loves to lie down with anyone and is always calm when meeting new people. Make sure the software you are looking to use is user friendly. The best system on earth is not worth anything if you are not able to figure it out.

Lil Barr (pronounced as Bear) gets his name from the father of the bunch Barrōn

9.  Lacey is the most vocal of the puppies and lets the whole office know when she has discovered something new. Make sure the software you use alerts you when a threat is detected and lets you know if it had been properly dealt with.

Lacey ready to face the new day

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