Benefits of Having Your Own Retail Mobile App

Whether you’re a consumer or a business owner, retail stores have long since served as a model for the way we buy and share thousands of products. With such a rapidly advancing world, retailers are selling unique and innovative products such as clothing, electronics, to even PopSockets. The products we see today are not the only thing that’s changing. It’s also the way we browse merchandise and connect with the stores we purchase from that is progressing.

While there are many different marketing strategies and resources to capture an audience, there’s a special one that covers tons of ground and grants access to virtually everyone you know–a mobile app unique to your store. Mobile apps have become such an instrumental part of our life that we don’t realize how much we actually use them, but also how they have simplified our lives. Retail business owners can use some of the features we’ve listed below within mobile apps to their advantage.

Merchandise Catalog: Display your products directly to your audience with a custom shop or integrate it with an existing one. Your customers will be able to see your products from anywhere, anytime.

Loyalty: Give back to your clients by offering rewards for stamp collection, special offers, or exclusive merch. This is one of the most powerful tools. Your most loyal customers will usually be the ones to download your app. Make it worth their while and keep them coming back!


Reviews: Control and monitor your online reputation and rankings by prompting users to leave a review.


Push Notifications: Maintain consistent contact with your customer base by sending messages (push notifications) alerting them of promotions, sales and useful information. It will be seamless advertising and users will be glad to know.


Contact: Store important information like your company address, email, phone, and other ways to connect with you. This can save your clients time from searching you on search engines.


Events: Take advantage of an in-app calendar feature to invite people to your events. Whether it’s a celebration of an anniversary, themed parties, or workshops, invite your followers to keep engaging with you in person.


Mailing List: Gather personalized information and buying habits from your customers to easily tailor an email list for deals and upcoming product releases.


Email Form: Use an email form to promote contests and giveaways that your customers have interest in participating in.

We’ve discussed the benefits, and now you may be asking, how do I start? The next step is where Modernized Mobile can help. We’re highly experienced with retail apps and have helped several businesses pursue their own. We can support you every step of the way. Schedule a consultation by reaching out to or (352)-340- 3700.