Getting Smart with Automated Stores


With help from new technology, convenience stores are striving to make shopping so easy that it feels like shoplifting. Companies such as Amazon, Kroger and Walmart have begun to develop locations where everything from entering the store, to scanning items and checking out is done solely through an app.

Technology like this is proving how fast our society is evolving and how crucial it is, as a business, to be paying attention to the current technology. Consumers are quick to look for the easiest way to live their lives. The success of these apps could be the fact that shoppers are able to scan their own items, or if they’re in a rush and can’t afford to stand in the long lines at the register, they can check out with the press of a button. 

So, if employees, credit cards nor cash are to be found, how can they actually prevent shoplifting?

Amazon uses a system of video cameras and sensors within the store that determines what items are taken by each customer. In January of 2018, AmazonGo, a store in Seattle, WA, that is barren of cashiers and registers, was opened to the public. Customers scan their phones as they walk in and are automatically charged the right amount after they walk out. According to, Amazon plans to open six more locations just like it in the next year.

Amazon describes it as the, “Just Walk Out Shopping” experience. The technology is similar to systems used in self-driving cars, as both systems use computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning.

Many are concerned this will eliminate a substantial amount of jobs in stores like these, but employees can still be found restocking shelves, helping customers find items and checking IDs in the beer and wine sections.


Another big push in the use of apps to go shopping is the Scan, Bag and Go mobile app. This app has been successfully test-run in 25 different Kroger stores, and unlike AmazonGo, it keeps a running total of items to help those on a budget keep track of what they’re spending. When customers are through, they just visit a self-checkout station and scan their phone.

Another huge contender, Walmart, is testing out the Scan & Go app. Not only is the name similar, but the system is almost entirely the same as well. Scan & Go requires you to scan each item and submit the payment. Before leaving, you just have to show the mobile receipt to an employee at the door.

Technology has continued to change the landscape of how consumers purchase products, and how we think about human employment. Other industries such as agriculture, banking and transportation are also leaning toward automation. This is a direct reflection of how important technology is becoming in our society and how much we’ve come to rely on it. It is becoming more and more important for businesses to have a presence in the world of technology, whether that be on social media or through the development of new technology that helps businesses stand out in a saturated market.

Recently, we have begun to see the change in the structure of stores with the implementation and popularity of self-checkout registers. Modern society continues to develop new technology to strive for efficiency and increased productivity. How will the grocery industry change next?

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