Google Launches Waze Local to Benefit Small Businesses


The new Google-owned app, Waze Local, is giving small businesses the chance to advertise as smartphone owners use the app to navigate through town. The original app, Waze, has allowed larger brands to purchase ads for years, but this new acquisition gives small business owners the same benefit.

In 2016, the original Waze saw 65 million users spending an average of 438 minutes per month using the app, according to the site Digital Marketing Ramblings. reports that, Matt Phillips, leader of the Waze Local team, said the app’s “core ad format” is the branded pin that appears above the navigation screen. You can think of the ad as a digital billboard. The pin pops up when users drive near a store that has purchased an ad. When a user clicks on this pin, more information about the business is provided. This can convince a driver to pull over to stop by, or even remind them of the store’s location.

The app will also allow businesses to advertise through promoted search and zero-speed takeover. Purchasing promoted search allows your business the chance to appear higher on the list when users search through the app. Zero-speed takeover ads are ads that appear when a car comes to a complete stop near the store’s location.

Phillips also said that there is no need to worry about the app becoming too crowded with ads because it will only show a maximum of three at a time.

Waze Local has been in beta testing since 2016. During this test, the app tracked a 20% increase in users travelling to businesses that purchased ads.

According to Waze, those who purchase ads through the app receive information that can help their marketing approach, including impressions and the number of users who navigate to their store. Pricing begins at two dollars and increases depending on the number of locations the ad will appear near.

Technology tends to suffer from the stereotype of being expensive, and therefore, not accessible to smaller businesses. However, there’s been an increasing trend to attract more involvement from small businesses. Companies like Google see the benefit in making mass advertising available in smaller areas. With apps like these, small businesses are able to benefit from technology like larger ones do. What smarter way to advertise than when a potential customer drives by?

Technology is changing the way businesses retain customers and reach new ones. Be sure you’re using technology apps like these provide to remain competitive, or better yet, create your own app. Contact us at or to get started.

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