MoMo Times: July Edition


In the midst of being a one-year old startup, Modernized Mobile is experiencing a significant growth spurt! The startup world can be slow-paced, but our development as a company has been nothing short of light speed. Welcome to the first release of the MoMo Times! Here’s an inside look to how we, Modernized Mobile, are contributing to the mobile app industry.

Apple’s Carekit aims to revolutionize Electronic Healthcare Systems (EHR).

First and foremost, the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce’s Dolphin Trail App hit stores in January. This interactive app engages residents and tourists with the city of Clearwater’s unique dolphin statues, giving anecdotal insight into each dolphin’s location dispersed throughout the city. Currently, we are also partnering with popular Youtube star Graham the Christian’s for an exciting upcoming project. Our medical team has tirelessly been working to master Apple’s newly released CareKit to seamlessly digitize health record systems that connect doctors and patients both digitally and personally.

Notably, we’ve had the pleasure of working with the incredibly talented Liquid Creative Studio.  The Liquid Creative team of seasoned professionals has helped us capture the artistic psychology behind every element within our user flows. Enough cannot be said about their world class design!  Stay tuned for future joint projects…


We love our Gainesville community, and we especially love the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce and brand new Cade Museum. They are all about helping startups, innovators and local business owners.

The Cade Museum entrance in Gainesville, Florida.

Our founders, Nahu Alula and Marlana Armstrong, represented us last month on Gainesville’s WCJB Tech Tuesday at the Cade Museum. The Cade was a gracious host, and we are incredibly grateful for their team! The Cade Museum team has introduced us to a ton of exciting growth opportunities! Just this week, we went to the Heartwood Soundstage, local to Gainesville, and recorded a podcast with Radio Cade.  We will update you all when our podcast is released! Up and coming on the calendar on July 21st, we are excited to be a host in the Cade’s Inventor Series. We’ll be showcasing a few apps we have in the works and interactive Augmented Reality software for the kids! We love their motto:    Think like an inventor, Meet an inventor, and Be an inventor.

To wrap up the summer, we are proud to announce that we will be hosting and presenting at the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce Lunch & Learn on August 1st. We will discuss at length the different methods of Mobile Marketing (mobile apps are at the top of the list) and how businesses can adapt their own Mobile Marketing strategies as a means of improving their connection with clientele, engaging newly retained customers, and expanding their brand.


As an expanding app development company, we are exploring all sorts of IT services. Here’s our perspective on some of the most notable developments in the industry.

Since Apple’s most recent release of ARKit at last summer’s Apple WorldWide Developers Conference, our team’s interest in Augmented Reality has surged. Augmented Reality is nothing new, as Pokemon Go and similar apps have used this technology for years. However, development of these technologies used to require expensive hardware. Thanks to ARKit, the need for this hardware has diminished. We are now knee-deep in testing all sorts of concept-based Augmented Reality functionalities. For starters, we are currently exploring using ARKit’s face-tracking tools for various ways within the clothing industry. One idea is a clothing boutique app where a customer can digitally ‘try on’ each garment using just the app. The possibilities are endless, and we are making sure to be on the forefront of that next mobile wave.

This past WWDC 2017, alongside ARKit, Apple brought us CoreML, a feature rich framework for iOS that assists in machine learning.  We have been applying artificial intelligence to image editing tools to give a user an expansive set of ground breaking tools. Our mobile app AI uses neural networks, algorithms designed to replicate a strengthening thought process thanks to CoreML’s integration of trained machine learning models.


Mantra Match, Inocove, RunIt (Clockwise from top left)

We are looking forward to the next half of 2018 and are excited about the next few notable events and projects.

The upcoming months will entail quite a few app releases! Run-It is just around the corner, an app that connects college sports
enthusiasts to local pick-up games.  Inocove, a web platform built in Node.JS, connects brands to popular social media influencers. Inocove is projected to officially launch in August. Mantra Match, a quote and meme focused dating app is projected to launch later this year.
We are looking forward to attending more Chamber of Commerce events like Business Before Hours and other networking events. These events have been a great means of extending our network and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of Gainesville.

There are a few undisclosed projects, particularly in the medical field, we are working on and are thrilled about. Check out our upcoming blogs to stay in the know!

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