New Clearwater App!!!


Clearwater is about to be the easiest city to navigate


Hey Clearwater,

You are lucky enough to live in a city with an amazing chamber of commerce that has just commissioned an app that will increase tourism and sales in your local businesses. One of the leading B2B app development companies in Florida, Modernized Mobile along with Josh Southerland from JX Media, are creating an app that will increase tourism and create a structured interactive tour guide of Clearwater.

The new app called Clearwater Dolphin Trail will allow tourists to locate the beautiful dolphins around our city, and once they have found the dolphin the app will give a brief history of the area and the local establishments. Clearwater Dolphin Trail will also allow users to mark where they parked their car and lead them back to it again after a busy day of relaxing, learning, and shopping. We hope that this app will be the start of a great relationship between the Clearwater chamber of commerce and Modernized Mobile. Make sure to check out Clearwater Dolphin Trail in the app store.


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