News Flash: Snapchat Plans to Try Ads You Can’t Skip


The days of swiping by Snapchat ads may be over. According to Digiday, the company plans to test out six-second ads you can’t pass. But don’t worry, it still plans to keep your personal snap conversations, stories and discover page stories free from the un-skippable ads. These ads will only appear in three- to five-minute Snapchat “shows,” and the new ad format will mirror commercials you’d see in traditional TV shows. Snapchat shows will be produced by TV and entertainment companies like NBCViacom and Turner, who already make content interrupted by ads.

The app has also struggled its first year as a public company and this is an attempt to make the app more profitable, according to Digiday. The company has tried different methods in the past, including charging for filters and special effects. To combat the negative viewpoints that users once had, Snapchat is changing up the ad format. According to Ad Age, the video ads average less than three seconds.


This comes after the re-design of Snapchat that got mixed reviews from users, causing the company to consider returning to the old format. Over one million people signed a petition asking Snapchat to change back to its old interface. So far, the company doesn’t show signs of completely reverting. Instead it’s moving forward by making small changes and hoping to keep growing users while simultaneously making more money.

It’s no secret that other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have also implemented the feature of “stories,” which are consistently used to show off interesting and funny activities that happen throughout the day of users. It’s ironic to think the app that has so many of us literally at its fingertips is struggling, but then again, it’s a representation of how fast social media is changing. Technology is quickly evolving, and it takes pro-active companies to keep up.


What do you think…will this turn users away from the popular app?


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