Success Through Connecting Digitally


The importance of connecting with your customers and creating a relationship is a dominant factor in a today’s business successes. Along with a more connected world via the internet, the competition in every business sector is fierce which causes successful businesses and brands to have both a great product or service and develop a constant dialogue with your customers. The tricky thing to figure out is how to do that, and when your business is growing at a consistent pace, it gets harder and harder to find the time to connect with your customer base and make new connections with potential new customers. So, here are 4 things you can do to help create relationships with your customers.


  1. Post on all of your social media accounts consistently. Most people make the mistake of posting on Instagram once a day, Facebook once a day, and Twitter a few times a day. That’s a good start, but to create a real dialogue with your customer, you have to post everyday at the same time of day. This is where the real value is. By posting consistently at the same time every day,  your online community will be used to you being in their feed everyday within five minutes of when you usually post.
  2. Create good content. Your Instagram pictures have to be stunning or engaging. Your Facebook posts need to bring value or escapism. Your YouTube videos need to be engaging, and your Tweets need to be funny. Without investing the time to create valuable content, you will only have subpar content and that will only push your clients away.
  3. Everyday, communicate directly with a few of your customers or potential customers outside of the customer service. When you do the first two steps the right way, people will begin to comment and engage in your posts. Take the time to thank them; that means more than a thumbs up. Write them a thank you on their stream, send them a direct message, and every once in a while give them something for free. This will create huge brand value and encourage word of mouth about your business.
  4. This one is the the most important. Develop a custom app for your business. Right now, take out your phone, unlock it, and look at the apps on your first page. No seriously, do it… I want you to look at all the apps you have there. Some were put there and others you put there. Understand that this is the most valuable place for any business on earth. Creating a great app that allows you to interact with your customers can create so much value and lead to more sales and drive more business.


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