Month: February 2019

5 Ways Technology is Changing Customer Service

With the growing use of technology among numerous industries, customer service is becoming a selling point for customers. However, technology does not come easy to everyone. If a customer is frustrated with your product or service, it may prevent them from using it again.; even worse, they may let others know that they had a negative experience. It’s true that each rising population has an easier time using technology, but there is still a large population that has a hard time with…

How Technology is Changing Education

Technology is beginning to touch every portion of our lives, including education. It’s changing the relationship between students and teachers, the way students learn and even how they complete assignments.   From kindergarten to college, different forms of technology have been incorporated into education at every level, including computers, iPads, smart boards and more. Students can not only complete the required school from home, but they can also complete an entire college degree without ever stepping foot in a classroom.  …