With the growing use of technology among numerous industries, customer service is becoming a selling point for customers. However, technology does not come easy to everyone. If a customer is frustrated with your product or service, it may prevent them from using it again.; even worse, they may let others know that they had a negative experience. It’s true that each rising population has an easier time using technology, but there is still a large population that has a hard time with it. Technology will continue to evolve and so will the competition among businesses, so how do we develop loyal customers of all types? The answer is customer service! Check out these that technology is changing customer service.

1. Decreased Patience

As a society, technology has decreased our overall patience and increased the need or want for instantaneous help. Some will attempt to troubleshoot, google it or figure it out on their own. The rest, and those who couldn’t figure it out, will turn to the help button. It is important that this button is easy to find. Most companies have realized this and have given customers even more options like an FAQ section. According to genesys.com, improving customer service can improve customer retention by 42%, along with improving customer satisfaction, as well as increasing cross-selling and up-selling products.

2. Anytime, Anywhere

This decrease in patience has evolved customer service to expand into a 24/7 service. By providing this level of availability, you will only strengthen your business’ reputation of your level of commitment to your customers. Geographical boundaries and time differences are no longer a concern in a consumer’s mind. One of the most effective ways to provide around-the-clock service is by adding a live chat option to your site.

3. Mobile Compatibility

In order to provide quick customer service, you must expand the ways that you can be accessed. Smartphones typically travel with us everywhere we go, so it has become necessary for you to be compatible with mobile platforms. This includes the ability for customer service to be accessed on the internet via a mobile device, but also through apps and social media. If your company has an app, it provides you with another great way to provide quick service; it also grants you the ability to have a customer service option.

The need to be mobile-friendly is one of the most powerful ways technology has changed, and it will continue to evolve customer service. According to WOW Local Marketing, 52% of customers are less likely to engage with a company because of a bad mobile experience.

 4. Chatbot Technology

 A revolutionary addition to customer service is Chabot technology. Phone call centers are becoming less utilized as chat boxes on websites pop up asking “How can I help you?” as soon as you click on a page.

This immediately lets users know that there is help available, regardless of the time or their location. Often times, this feature will resolve issues by replying with automated responses to keywords typed by a user.

Unfortunately, this is currently a problem that consumers have with chatting to Chatbots; the responses feel automatic and ambiguous. According to businessinsider.com, this technology is continuing to improve as engineers work at finding new ways to make artificial intelligence learn quicker with less data. Recognize the importance in not completely eliminating the human factor in helping customers, but instead, they offer both types of assistance.

5. Predictive Intelligence

It is obvious that customer service is changing from being a reactionary service, to a more proactive one by increasing the ways it can be accessed. This isn’t the only, or even the most effective way that you can improve customer experience. You can start to collect data from conversations on third-party platforms like social media. According to cmswire.com, by using this information, customer service can predict customer behavior that can help decide whether a customer should be recommended an offer or another solution.

This can also help improve employee and customer interaction by determining what type of responses can prevent conflict. Predictive intelligence will eventually transform customer service in ways that are not yet conceived.

Be aware of the ways technology is changing customer service to remain competitive. The changes have only begun. Customer service is becoming a characteristic of your company’s brand, and therefore, part of your consumer’s decision on whether or not to purchase your products. Contact us at modernizedmobile.com or sales@modernizedmobile.com to help your business create its own app and give your customers a quicker way to reach help.