How An App Revolutionized Business & Group Communication




Modernized Mobile partnered with a successful entrepreneur to create an innovative texting application. This app offers users a seamless experience for communication and event planning within group conversations. Users can easily send custom event invitations directly within their chats, enabling recipients to RSVP in real-time without leaving the conversation thread. To power this feature, our team integrated the EventKit SDK and leveraged Google Calendar Web services, ensuring smooth and reliable event management capabilities. Through the implementation of the Auth.0 protocol, the app seamlessly connects to Google Calendar Web services, allowing users to effortlessly access and interact with their calendars when organizing events. With a focus on user convenience and enhanced functionality, this texting app sets out to revolutionize the way people communicate and coordinate events on mobile devices.


Our solution

Users struggle to keep track of important messages and organize their communication effectively.
Implemented message scheduling feature to allow users to schedule messages for later delivery, ensuring timely communication and reducing message clutter.
Users find it challenging to locate specific messages or categorize them based on relevance.
Introduce dynamic message attributes functionality, enabling users to assign attributes to messages and customize their appearance in the app, facilitating easier message organization and retrieval.
Users encounter difficulty attaching photos and videos to messages, hindering their ability to share multimedia content seamlessly.
Enhance photo and video attachment capabilities by refining the user interface and integrating with the device's camera and media library, providing users with a seamless experience when sharing multimedia content.

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