How Technology is Changing Education

Technology affects every portion of our lives but today’s focus is the impact on education. Emerging technologies are changing the relationship between students and teachers, the way students learn, engage with classmates, and even protect themselves on campus. From kindergarten to college, different technology have been incorporated into education at every level, including computers, iPads, […]

5 Ways Technology is Changing Customer Service

With the growing use of technology among numerous industries, customer service is becoming a selling point for customers. However, technology does not come easy to everyone. If a customer is frustrated with your product or service, it may prevent them from using it again.; even worse, they may let others know that they had a […]

Hack: Social Media Algorithms

Recently, social media users have first-hand seen how the social media platforms that they use are changing the way in which content is seen. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are big forces in the social media world, and they have the power to determine when and what posts appear on our timelines. These platforms use algorithms […]

5 Ways to Make Money With a Free App

The word “free” has a nice ring to it, and it can attract customers and app users effortlessly compared to other tactics. Mobile device usage has skyrocketed in the past few years, making it even more important to recognize how lucrative and helpful to customers a mobile app can be. However, some may be worried […]

Why Every B2B Business Needs an App

As the app market gets more and more saturated it seems almost like its not worth it to put your business on the app store. Here at modernized mobile we hear a lot of local and midsized businesses questioning why they would need an app, when the market is so saturated. Also every one of […]