MoMo Times: December Edition

The weather is finally cooling and the holiday season is rapidly approaching us, yet here at Modernized Mobile things are still heating up! We have so much to catch you up on including app launches, city-wide giveaways, and exciting holiday events around Gainesville and North Florida. Follow us on social media to receive updates, but more importantly, welcome to the second edition of the MoMo Times.

Company Culture & Growth

The term ‘start-up culture’ refers to the proverbial idea for what a newly founded company’s atmosphere should be. At MoMo, our culture is a wide diversity of thought processes and styles.  This has turned out to be one of our our greatest strengths, especially with the growth of our digital marketing team as all voices are heard and the best idea is always rewarded. This is the recipe for success and longevity, even in the technology sector.  As our team has grown, our name in the community has grown as well.

In August, we fell upon an opportunity to host a Lunch & Learn about Mobile Marketing with the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce. With many local business owners in attendance, our team highlighted our expertise in mobile app marketization and social media platform specialization and optimization. We provided attendees with knowledge on how they can utilize social media platforms to enhance engagement with customers to essentially open their company for business 24/7. Reach out to us if you are interested in receiving our Mobile Marketing presentation, it has a ton of industry tips and statistics every business owner should know.

Did you catch us on CBS4’s Local Discovery? We did a quick expose of what we do and how we do it that was released this past month! You can find the link on our LinkedIn Profile.



This fall, MoMo has generated even greater result for clients. Our technology has bolstered existing business-models, allowing for greater current revenue streams and new ones.  Additionally, we added two members to our social media team to equip for the launch of MoMo’s brand new digital advertising packages.

MoMo now offers three packages to choose from; weekly postings, boosts of custom designed graphics and videos tailored to your business. These packages provide you with the essentials to grow your business’ audience and include different add-ons to further amplify sales. Check our website in the coming weeks for more details on this service, along with a few other new additions. You can follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) to receive updates immediately.


App Releases

This September, we partnered with LifeSouth: Five Points of Life (FPOL) to begin developing their new Rewards Club App. Usage of the app is granted solely to registrants of the 2019 FPOL Race Weekend. The weekend (February 16th and 17th) will host multiple marathons and races for people of all ages. This year there will be a Team Challenge that you can catch our MoMo Team competing in! There are many benefits to participating in the race: raising awareness about the need for donating blood, free rewards in the upcoming months through the Rewards Club App, and free food and beer from sponsors like Mi Apa, Gator Dockside, Gator BTW, First Magnitude Brewing Co. and Burkhardt! Follow Five Points of Life Facebook and Instagram to find out more.

This past September, the MoMo Team published the Cade Museum App just in time for their annual 2018 Cade Museum Inventivity Bash. The evening was a memorable one; an invention-themed night filled with entrepreneurs and inventors alike. The grand Annual Cade Prize was awarded to Tampa-based Soilcea, a gene-editing company that hopes to save Florida’s citrus trees and industry. Many thanks to the amazing Cade team for a fun and memorable night.

The Cade App features include scavenger hunts, podcasts, exhibit information, and our custom and colorful Gatorade-splash filter.  Exciting updates for this app are just around the corner with beacon functionalities, a live ‘social connect’ section, and improved auto-detectability for the filters.


Up and Coming

This Fall, our team has also partnered with Eastside High School. MoMo members have been teaching a weekly class to two groups of students in the Leadership and Counseling senior class. Students are taught the foundations of app , as well as how to market themselves in a fast-paced industry. The students have been assigned a semester project of theorizing and designing an app that will benefit local high school students in three categories: academic performance, student-faculty communication and college/vocation transition. The goal is for this idea to come to materialization and provide real utility to our local students, as well as inspire the Eastside students to further pursue the tech sector. If interested in joining this project, please reach-out to us on social media.

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