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Global Technology | What is the United States Working On?

Global Technology | What is the United States Working On?

Have you ever stopped to think of how technology has been advancing continuously over the years? It’s truly a quite extraordinary story. The United States is no stranger to technology, with our past inventions, such as the railroad and the telephone, being some of the most influential areas in technology.

But technology is not just staying put – it’s evolving at an amazing rate, and now’s the time where technology can be seen everywhere. We’ve only scraped the surface of technology’s potential and plans are already underway for inventions that will completely change the way we live our lives – technology has us looking ahead into a future filled with possibilities and hope.

Within the next few years, scientists will unveil technology such as exponential computing power, advanced robots and interactive artificial intelligence. Right now, the United States fosters some of the craziest technological inventions as well as astounding plans for the future.

This blog takes a look into some of the latest U.S. innovations:

1. The Nth Floor

Accenture’s Nth floor metaverse project has shown a huge leap forward in technology-driven, immersive working experiences. This initiative has seen the development of a digital platform that allows for people to work and collaborate in virtual worlds, creating immense opportunities for global collaboration and working experiences.

The on-boarding process for this project is streamlined and new recruits are quickly brought into their workplace activities through the use of visual technology such as computer-generated 3D characters. This technology also allows users to design virtual environments and have interactive conversations with colleagues around the world.

Beyond simply providing a space for conversations, employees are able to learn complex skills, hold team building events with various attendee options, play business games or simulations and conduct orientation training sessions. Accenture is pioneering work in the metaverse space by utilizing technology to better facilitate discussions and help increase productivity levels across teams in a seamless flow of information.

2. Desert Utopia

Technology-driven city from afar

Marc Lore, the brains behind world-renowned technology giant, has recently announced ambitious plans to build a sustainable, technology-driven city called Telosa from the ground up. In this smart metropolis, technology is set to become an integral part of everyday life – and it’s not hard to imagine that it will lead to exciting advantages for living there.

With construction expected to start within the next couple of years, the city will feature next-generation technology such as facial recognition and autonomous transportation systems – building a platform that will give its citizens unique opportunities to live more comfortably and efficiently than ever before. Lore plans for the utopian city to be completed and livable by 2030.

“We’re not just building a new city — this is a new model for society,”

Marc Lore

What makes Lore’s vision special is his ambition of making technology work for people – rather than people having to adapt themselves to technology. Telosa will serve as a perfect example of how tech can propel us into the future while still being harnessed in ways that benefit mankind.

Some of the key elements of Telosa inlcude:

  • It will be built on 150,000 acres of land in either Nevada, Utah, or Arizona
  • It will house 50,000 “diverse” people at the start of the project
  • It’s governing system will be follow what Lore calls “equitism,” which combines democracy, capitalism, and socialism
  • It will have 36 districts, each of which will include every need a resident may have, accessible within a short distance
  • Nature will be at it’s prime with rooftop panels producing renewable energy constantly. Every building and wall will be decked out in plant-life

3. Neuralink

Neuralink prototype

This creation is currently in use today and will blow your mind. This company expanded the boundaries of neural engineering by creating The Link. The Link is a brain implant designed to give it’s host the power of controlling technology anywhere, at any time of day.

It is built with tiny threads that connect to certain parts of the brain and detect neural signals. With this implant, you can control features on your mobile device just by thinking about it – features like your keyboard for example. Upon downloading the Neuralink app, you would be taken through a series of steps teaching you how to navigate the implant and connect your thinking patterns to the device.

This invention sounds impossible, however, also sets an incredible example for how far technology is coming, even if it does sound scary, you could even say borderline apocalyptic.

4. Color Changing BMW

BMW is revolutionizing the way we think about cars and tech. Their latest innovation comes in the form of color changing vehicles, a concept that takes their cars to an entirely new level. BMW’s invention utilizes nano-structures embedded within the paint, allowing for easy adjustment of hue and vibrancy.

This technology can be controlled via the onboard “iDrive” system, with which drivers can control any type of customization they desire – from lighting effects to full-body transformations. With this applied science, customers will now have an unprecedented level of control over how their vehicle looks, making it easier than ever to create truly personal driving experiences.

The only downside to this creation is how expensive it would be to fix any sort of damage done to these vehicles. Truly breath-taking and certainly risky.

We can clearly see that the Tech industry is growing and fast. If the United States is producing major technological innovations as we speak, I wonder what the entire world is working on right now…