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We’re Modernized Mobile LLC, but you can call us MoMo for short. We produce mobile app or software solutions for business owners. As full stack (iOS & Android), web, and custom software developers, we provide cloud services and back-end functions, assisting start-ups and companies in achieving the product of their dreams.
Leading custom apps, across all industries. Our mobile development team collectively have hundreds of successful apps across the App Stores.
Web Development
Modern UX and UI development across all platforms on all browsers.
Backend & CMS services
Content Management Systems tailored precisely for your business. Manage all sales, customers, and employees all from the comfort of your phone.
Business Solutions
Connect your business to the community with a highly accessible marketplace app. Create additional revenue streams for a multitude of organizations.


Our iOS & Android teams are able to build out any feature(s) that previously exists in either App Store. We can create any app idea that you envision.



We develop all-purpose software with highly flexible structures.


Any kind of website or web-platform needed to compliment your business.

From Idea to


Your Idea
Together, we understand your goals, ideas and marketing needs. Then we develop the user flow, wireframe, high fidelity mockups and functional prototype of your website and/or mobile app. We can help you understand mobile technology to make your app fluid and profitable.


Our Design
Starting with pen and paper, we sketch wireframes of each app feature and page. We know branding is everything; our designers have a keen ability to add, change or create branding for you.


Because our seasoned designers provide cutting-edge User Experience and User Interface, development becomes a streamlined process. Our app developers & coders bring your app to life.


Finished Product
Seamless Backends & flexible API’s provide a business owner crucial tools to oversee operations. Apps require updates and maintenance as your customers’ needs change. As a service based company, we don’t leave you out to dry with a product. We are here to help you run and maintain your app.

Intelligent design

The apps we produce are clean and fresh, each uniquely designed. Furthermore, we endeavor to ensure all our apps meet the highest industry standards. Our apps are beta tested to perfection, to ensure market success.

MoMo Spotlight Clearwater Dolphin Trail App

Clearwater Dolphin Trail App has been making waves in the city of Clearwater, Florida. Helping tourists and locals find the dolphin statues that mark historical landmarks in Clearwater.
Fully responsive
Interactive ‘Dolphin Trail’ shows all of the historical dolphin statues displayed all over the City of Clearwater.
Photo Collection
Photo collection of users of the app who take pictures with the Dolphins.
Car Finder
Drop a pin where you park and find your vehicle with ease.

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