Beyond the Beach: Exploring Clearwater’s Culture Through Mobile Technology

Clearwater Tourism App





It was a daring undertaking that we, here at MoMo and the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce, were faced with. How could we bring the scattered collection of dolphin statues into the digital spotlight?
The solution: an app! But not just any app. We wanted to create an app that prioritized the user’s location and offered captivating, unforgettable content that would inspire exploration.
Our goal in developing this project was to assist visitors in Clearwater, FL in discovering and delving deeper into the city’s history and culture. We focused on crafting an interactive tool that would enable tourists to visit hundreds of statues. We paid special attention to creating an intuitive wayfinding system that would allow tourists to explore Clearwater without any frustration.
In theory, geofencing may seem simple, but in practice, there is much more to it. Not only do you need to construct a custom map tailored specifically to the user, but you also need to ensure that the map is consistently fast and reliable. Creating the Clearwater Tourism App was an incredible experience because we had complete freedom in designing and developing the app itself.


Our solution

Though large amounts of tourists visit Clearwater each year the overwhelming majority only explore the beach.
Our mobile app encouraged tourists to visit areas they previously had no idea about. By increasing activities and engagement in less popular areas, we contributed to the growth of the tourist industry. We organized all of the dolphin statues under a one-stop mobile application, where visitors could see areas of Clearwater.
Tourists who follow the Dolphin Trail often got lost and had difficulty locating their vehicles. In addition to losing their vehicles, the city noticed an excessive amount tourists would incur parking tickets or even be towed due to not returning during their allotted time period.
Tourists are now free to wonder the Dolphin Trail freely, knowing the location of their vehicle is securely stored in the app. In addition to the location, we added a setting that allows users to enter the correct time allotted to park that ensures a reminder is set for when then must return to the vehicle or renew the parking pass. This feature is especially useful for people who are not familiar with the area and may have trouble remembering where they parked. The app will not only provide directions back to your vehicle but also alert you when it is time to head back so you can get on with your day with ease!
The Clearwater Chamber of Commerce wanted to increase user engagement with the app, so it could bring more business to the small businesses that weren't directly located on the beach.
We connected users' social media accounts directly through the Tourism App. This allows users to post, share, tag, and comment directly from the app—and it's working! User engagement has gone up astronomically as a result, generating more activity online and bringing even more business to these small businesses that aren't located on Clearwater Beach itself.


By promoting off-the-beaten-path destinations, we played a role in the expansion of the tourism sector. Additionally, we provided users with reassurance about their parking choices, leading to heightened interest in less frequented locations.
GEO Map Feature
Geo-mapping is a fun and useful way to better understand your data. By creating a map out of your location-based information you can see where customers exist in relation to each other and as well as in comparison to your place of business. You'll be able to spot trends, such as areas with the highest concentration of people or shops, and use that information to shape your marketing strategy effectively. It will also help you make changes by highlighting how people behave differently from each other. For example if two locations appear close together on the map but aren't connected by great foot traffic, then it would make sense for you to focus on locations that are closer together.
Parked Location Tool
Parked Location is an easy way to find your car in a crowded parking lot. For iOS users, when you disconnect iPhone from your car's CarPlay or Bluetooth system and exit your vehicle, a parked car marker is dropped in Maps so you can easily find the way back to your car. For Android users, tap the blue dot and then tap “Save your parking” to add your parking location to the map.
Social Media Integration
Social media integration is the act of using social media platforms as part of a digital marketing strategy. Social media integration enhances the experience of your users, keeping them on your platform longer and providing a positive brand experience.